21. November – 1. Desember 2019


«The Senatori POP! – Show, prints & paintings»

Velkommen til vernissage:

TORSDAG 21. NOVEMBER KL 17.00 – 19.00!

Enkel servering og kunstneren vil være til stede og gjøre en «live paint»-seanse.

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Mer info kommer.

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21. November – 1. December 2019

Welcome to the opening:
THURSDAY 21. NOVEMBER at 17.00 – 19.00!

Selwyn Senatori (Italy, 02-05-1973) is a Dutch Neo-pop artist known for his figurative action paintings. Senatori’s inspiration is La Dolce Vita. Good food, wines, champagne, Italy, travelling, music, movies, design and last but not least women. With his motto ‘It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle’, he communicates his style not only through his art but also throughout his way of living. His unique, fresh style is celebrated internationally, as his colourful paintings tell the story of his Italian background.

Senatori works with acrylic paint on canvas or linen, with experimentation in chalk, pencils and spray cans. Besides using a canvas he draws and paints almost anything he could lay his hands on. From tablecloths during dinner, to women, cars, Vespa’s, champagne bottles, bicycles and even entire busses. Senatori is based in Amsterdam where he lives and works, but also prominently featured across the globe. Selwyn his artwork is shown at expositions in Milan, Paris, Norway, London, NYC, Philadelphia, Hong-Kong, Moscow and several cities in the Netherlands.