1971, Frankrike

Natacha Petit was born on the 2nd of February 1971; she has a small girl called Manon. She is actually a teacher in "Arts Plastiques" at the Rouen University where she prepares a Doctorate of “Arts Plastiques”. She also belongs to a Norman group of artists who share ideas, material,....etc....

Artist in Rouen, Natacha Petit works on the analogy of the human body with plant. Her creations on canvasses and paper express a poetical story between flower and carnal universe and reveal desire and sensuality thanks to the senses and the shapes. Her work expresses a feminine sensuality plenty of senses linking lightness, ecstasy and suffering.


Solo Exhibitions:
2006 Seo San Art Center – South Korea
1999 Présentation permanente d’œuvres sur papier, Galerie Duchoze, Rouen
1999 Maison des Arts, Grand-Quevilly
1998 Espace Multi médiathèque, Grand-Quevilly