Mr. Kling, eller Werner Kling, er en kreativ kunstner og mannen bak det nyvinnende sjakkspillet; «Chess Attack» som ble anerkjent av selveste Magnus Carlsen. Det var også Kling som lanserte ideen om 100 meter «sprintski», som ble en suksess på TV2 og svensk TV. I februar i år begynte energiske Mr. Kling også å male «Pop-art»-kunst og har tatt kunstscenen med storm!

Mr. Kling is a name used by Norwegian-born, Oslo-based pop art artist Werner Kling.
Self taught, loves to challenge by making provocative, colorful, funny and political art. Mostly on canvas, but you may also see Mr. Kling´s art on sculptures, mannequins or walls.

Painted as long as he can remember, and picks up inspiration from his numerous travels to London, Barcelona and Paris.
Met several challenges through his life, but is still standing!
A subtile artist with a versatile style!

He likes to combine words and thoughtful sayings with strong colors and entertaining images to create art that for some are just beautiful and for others feels like a slap in their face.

[caption id="attachment_14965" align="alignnone" width="534"] Je t'aime
150 x 150 cm[/caption]

Sometimes he asks himself:
Going somewhere? Our friendship was born thanks to suffering. Desperation. Trust and compassion. It grew larger in chaos and crisis. It matured through curiosity and education. Our life together has been peaceful simplicity. Our life together has been deathifying. I am not sure if friendship is the right word. Or love. But I know I have it in me. Always. All I can think of is that I miss you. Us. But I realize, you don’t need my forgiveness. Ever. Because when it comes to this, you could do no wrong.



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