King Bankrupt

Triumph (160x120)

King Bankrupt, Oslo

King Bankrupt started his path in Norway at a young age, through creating all types of different creations. Whether it was through drawing, building or just making something new. However, it was not until a rough period of dealing with deep depression around the age of 19, that he first came across the canvas.

This became his most relaxed state of mind, and his greatest motivator. He gets a lot of his inspiration from life in general, from the people he is surrounded by, their different types of personalities and lastly a mix of elements of the modern society he grew up in. Hip Hop, and the underground scene in Oslo has had a big impact on the lines and the motives he decides to make.


King Bankrupt’s art is neither about what it says, nor is it made to always have a spesific meaning. Instead, the purpose of his artwork is to sort through ideas. His art is a reflection on day to day life. 

Exhibitions & Events


Galleri Nobel, Oslo

More info coming soon