1982 Oslo / Roma, Italia

Photos by Federico Grandicelli

I believe in destiny and that to be lucky you have to give room, if you go too fast Luck cannot find you.

In a 13 stops flight around the word my gap year got interrupted in NYC when my favorite photographer at that time asked me to work for him and help in the preparation of one of the biggest exhibition of photography I have ever seen. It was not an easy decision, but I cancelled my 9 months trip and stayed in New York for almost 4 years. During that period I worked for two big artists, collaborated with an art school, worked as a printer, received a scholarship and consequently took a master in photography.

My inspiration in my work comes from my scientific background and my passion for landscapes and abstract shapes. My projects are the result of a rigorous workflow, similar to the scientific method. I plan meticulously every detail and I use the darkroom as a studio, I am control freak during the execution and I love to focus on the process even if I have the tendency to conceptualize my work afterwards. I love materials and I push their limitations until the limits of their abilities with the desire to produce something playful and unusual.

GRANDICELLI Universe 100 x 125 cm foto


2011 ICP - Full Time Program in Photographic Studies International Center of Photography, New York
2009 ICP – Continuing Education Studies International Center of Photography, New York
2008 Scuola Romana di Fotografia SRF The Roman School of Photography, Rome
2005 B.A. Physics La Sapienza Rome University, Rome

2017 Gravity - MATERIA Gallery, Rome, Italy
2017 MIA FAIR Milan
2016 Equivalenze - Honos Art Gallery Rome, Italy
2014 “The Fox and The Grapes” - Italian Institute of Culture in Oslo, Norway
2013 “Interior Dichotomy” – Cyan Gallery - Oslo, Norway
2012 “Capacita’ ” - Castello Ducale Orsini, Fiano Romano, Rome, Italy (coll. Sara Skorgan Teigen)
2012 “No Latency” – Hudson River Club, Manhattan, NYC, USA (coll. Sara Skorgan Teigen)

2018 "Illusione Persistente" - ActaGallery curated by Allen Frame, Rome, Italy
2016 "Subtractions" – Cyan Gallery - Oslo, Norway
2016 "Any given book" – White Noise Gallery - Rome, Italy
2015 “Disparitions” - Honore' Gallery Rue Visconti - Paris, France
2014 “Merge Volume 2” Video/Interactive Art – CPR Brooklyn, NYC,USA
2012 “CCNY Benefit Auction” – CameraClub New York, Manhattan, NYC, USA
2011 “Postcard from the Edges” - Cheim&Read Gallery, Manhattan, NYC, USA
2011 “Art fron the heart” - 25CPW Gallery, Manhattan, NYC, USA
2011 “NYFA Group Show” - The Green Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
2011 “Capture and Release” - The Rita K.Hillman Gallery, Manhattan,NYC,USA

2012-now To Whom It May Concern Fine Art Printer / Darkroom and Digital Oslo
2013-now Galleri Nobel Photographer & Gallery Assistant Galleri Nobel AS, Oslo
2011-2012 Adam Fuss Studio Assistant Adam Fuss Studio, New York
2009-2012 Joel Meyerowitz Studio Assistant Joel Meyerowitz Studio, New York
2011-2012 Gillian Laub Assistant & Printer Gillian Laub Photography, New York
2012 L. Parker Stephenson Gallery Gallery Assistant L. Parker Stephenson Gallery, New York
2011 Robert Blake Teaching Assistant International Center of Photography, New York
2009-2012 ICP Teaching Assistant International Center of Photography, New York
2009-2010 Gerard Vezzuso Darkroom Assistant International Center of Photography, New York
2010 Joshua Lutz Teaching Assistant International Center of Photography, New York
2010 Richard Rothman Teaching Assistant International Center of Photography, New York

2011 Collector Fellowship - Alice Sachs Zimet Scholarship, New York, NY

2018 Photograph Magazine New York - Elisabeth Biondi 6 pages publication of "Equivalenze"
2018 PhaseMag - Alexis Vasilikos featuring "Technique of Neutralization"
2017 YET MAGAZINE - Salvatore Vitale featuring "Equivalenze"
2016 The Plantation Journal Joanna Cresswell and Trine Stephensen about “Equivalenze”
2016 Huffington Post – Interview about the exhibition “Equivalenze”
2016 Equivalenze, catalog published by Arbor Sapientiae Editore, Rome, Italy
2015 Saint Lucy Magazine - Publishing of "Techniques of Neutralization"
2013 Colors with Pictures, Self Published, Oslo, Norway
2012 Capacita’ (zine), Self Published
2011 Shift 2011, published by International Center of Photography, New York, NY

2016 Library of the MET – Metropolitan Museum of New York, Catalog of Equivalenze
2011 Alice Sachs Zimet private collection, New York, NY

2016-now Teacher at Officine Fotografiche Roma - "Science Discovers & Art Reveals"
2016 Lecturer at the John Cabot American University in Rome about “Art and Sciences” with prof. Martina Caruso
2015-now Represented by Present Art (NO) and Honos Art (ITA)
2014 Lecturer “Art and Sciences” together with art critic Lars Elton, Oslo Foto Kunst Skole, Norway
2013-now Co founder at StudioStudio, an art space and project showroom for collaboration between artistic directions.
2013-2014 Color Darkroom Responsible for “Bjorka verksted for fotografi” Oslo, Norway
2012-now Member of Forbundet Frie Fotografer – FFF Norway


Fotografier til salgs av Federico Grandicelli: