1962, Warsawa, Polen / Strasbourg, Frankrike
Ewa Bathelier with big canvas  
Dresses series is her obsession for years. All dream-like. Together they orchestrate a subtle serenade, pervaded with sensual wishes, energetic and unsentimental. The ability of the medium to create a message about interiority - which is a far cry from the stolid display of the dress. Fascinated by the grace, subtlety and variety of a single silhouette clad in many attires with marvelous textures, patterns and script-signs enmeshed in a literally physical atmosphere. The puzzling question arises: can you guess what’s inside those dresses, what desires, what palpitating heart inhabits them, and what keenness of the mind-eye continuum propels into life these fabric shells? It all seems to be about a blissful Venetian contemplative experience... “  Ileana Marcoulesco   
The artist uses her own emotions to a subliminal transliteration often perceived as absencepresence: the body, light and naked, lies symbolically on deserts and gardens background and the clothes leave the imprint of the absent body. Ewa Bathelier is exhibited in many galleries and public places in France and abroad. Her works are displayed in many collections around the world, she designed sets and costumes for Samuel Beckett’s and Robert Pinget’s plays. Under their literary influence, she has perfected a minimalist style imbued with strong emotions.
2016 Galleri Nobel, Oslo
2016 ART WYNWOOD, Miami, USA
2015 LA ART SHOW, Los Angeles, USA
2015 ART WYNWOOD, Miami, USA
2015 Ca d’Oro Gallery, NY, USA
2015 Galerie La Paix, Sélestat, France
2015 Southampton Art Fair, USA
2015 LTB ART, Mexico City, Mexico
2014 Ca d’Oro New York, USA
2014 SCOPE NY Art Fair, USA
2014 Galleria Ca D’Oro, Rome, Italy
2014 Southhampton  Art Fair, USA
2014 Talisman Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2013 Galerie Pierre Kleinmann, Paris, France
2013 Grace Belgravia Art Space, London, UK 
2013 Art Inside, group exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland
2013 Nowy Fort, Warsaw, Poland
2013 ART Basel Miami, with Ca d’Oro Gallery, Miami, USA 
2012 Jpb-ART Gallery, Saint Tropez, France (group)
2012 Avila Factory, Strasbourg, France – installation WHITE
2012 Galerie Pierre Kleinmann, Paris, France 
2011 Ca d’Oro gallery, Rome, Italy 
2011 Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy – installation R.E.D.
2011 Ca d’Oro gallery, Miami, USA (group) 
2010 ARTEFIERA event, Oltre Dimore Gallery, Bologna, Italy 
2010 KUNSTART, Bolzano Art Fair with Oltre Dimore Gallery, Bolzano, Switzerland
2010 Jpb-ART Gallery, Saint Tropez, France
2010 Cité de la Musique et de la Danse, Strasbourg, France
2009 Collège Doctoral Européen, Strasbourg, 
2009 Conseil de l’Europe, Strasbourg, 
2009 ARTO’ International  Contemporary  Art Fair, Rome, Italy 
2009 Jpb-ART Gallery, Saint Tropez, France (group) 
2008 Galerie Claudine Legrand, Paris, 
2008 Jpb-ART Gallery, Saint Tropez, France (group)
2008 Château de Thanvillé, Strasbourg  (group)
2008 Oltre Dimore, Bologna, Italy 
2007 Jpb-ART Gallery, Saint-Tropez, France (group)
2007 Galerie Galya, Neuchâtel, Switzerland 
2006 Galerie No Smoking, Strasbourg, France (group)
2006 Cité de la Musique et de la Danse, Strasbourg, 
2006 Espace G, Strasbourg, France 
2005 Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, USA
2005 Eclectica Gallery, Venice, Italy 
2005 Fashion Design Biennale, Arnhem, Netherlands
2005 FuturArt, Bruxelles, Belgium 
2004 Galerie Claudine Legrand, Paris, France
2004 L’Appartement, Strasbourg, France
2004 Nova Polska, City Gallery, Strasbourg, France 
2004 Eclectica Gallery, Venice, Italy 
2003 Stimultania Gallery, Strasbourg, France
2003 Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, USA
2003 Polish Art Confrontations, Los Angeles, USA (group exhibition) 
2002 Burzym & Wolff Gallery, Cracow, Poland 
2001 L’Appartement, Strasbourg, France
2001 Ost-West Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
2001 ZPAP Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2001 Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, USA 
Still at:
Jpb-ART GALLERY, Saint Tropez, France 
Gallery Pierre Kleinmann, Paris,  France 
Gallery Ca d’Oro Roma, Italy
Gallery Ca d’Oro Miami, USA
Gallery Ca d’Oro New York, USA 
Gallery Oltre Dimore, Bologna, Italy
Ltb-ART Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico 
Interior design Pyramide & Galerie K Strasbourg, France  
Stage design and costumes: 
The Play,  Samuel Beckett Director : Marek Kedzierski Bücklein, Cracow, Poland, 1997 
Come and go, Samuel Beckett Director : Walter Asmus Bücklein, Cracow, Poland, 1997 
Not me, Samuel Beckett Director : Marek  Kalita Bücklein, Cracow, Poland, 1997 
Polprawdy 1  and 2, Marek Kedzierski Director : Marek Kedzierski Theater Atelier - theater Groteska , Cracow, Poland, 1998 
Inquisitorium, Robert Pinget Director : Marek  Kedzierski Theater Atelier - theater Groteska , Cracow, Poland, 1999 
Happy days , Samuel Beckett Director : Marek Kedzierski & Krystian Lupa Stary Teatr – l’Union des Théâtres de l’Europe, Cracow, Poland,  2002 
Quelques mots sur le silence, Pas moi,  L’innommable, La Comédie, Samuel Beckett  Director  Claire Aveline & Marek Kedzierski Théatre de la Coupole, Saint  Louis, France  2005              
“Wall flowers”, SPOON  (LTB),  March-April 2005, New York, USA,
Kwartalnik ARTystyczny, Poland – permanent artistic collaboration since 1996, covers, photos
Cozy Magazine, Strasbourg, France – 2 covers
DP- ARTE FOTOGRAFICA, Portugal – minimalism  series in the « Minimalism » edition, 2010
R.E.D., Collaterale Biennale 2011, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, 2011
WHITE, Avila Factory, 2012, Strasbourg, France
FARTUCH, 2013, Nowy Fort , Warsaw, Poland