Ewa Hauton

EwaH Open eyes-155-x-200-cm

1957- , Oslo

Expression of life and movement

Ewa Hauton is a French contemporary artist, of Polish origin, living in Nantes in France.

Painting has always been a part of Ewa Hauton’s life. Even when she was very small, she was surrounded by the brushes of her mother who was also an artist and who encouraged her to follow her dreams and, her dream was creativity.
The artist was born in Poland where she studied painting at the Academy of Art. She arrived in France in 1990 and she won the award entitled “Stars of Painting.” Having obtained her degree simultaneously as an Artistic Director in Advertising, in addition to her artistic activities, she started working as a graphic designer, a visual artist and scenographer. Even though she had devoted herself exclusively to painting for 10 years, it was a meeting with a choreographer after her move to Nantes which defined the true orientation of the subject of Ewa Hauton’s paintings. They managed to find a common language that inspired them both. Movement and an expression of life were incorporated into the canvases of the artist. Her painting deals with the body, mainly female, and oscillates between ink and oil painting, imbued with variations, delicacy, refining and getting rid of superfluity of form, colors and matter. She brings the movement to life, with accuracy and skill.

Black and white and a splash of life

On her works in ink on paper, a touch of color pierces the black and white, like a jet of life that brings us back to basics.

She keeps only the essential, the trace of the living. As for its large formats, she plays with the mediums, deploys the gesture, mixing painting with drawing … her works, like oscillating mirages, touch us with a subtle sensitivity, and leave us fascinated by so much transparency and energy. Reflection and personal experience, constant questioning and perpetual search play predominant roles in its creation. A bright and vibrant work.

Education and work

2015-2019 Artistic work at her workshop in Nantes, large-scale oil painting on the theme of movement, ink painting and charcoal drawing on the theme of dance
2013-2015 Personal artistic work: painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration ..., lithography at the Imprimerie de Nantes Museum
2002-2012 Personal and collective artistic work within the collective "In workshops of the giraffe upside down" Creation of scenography and costumes for theater companions Creating visuals for posters and other advertising media Creation of the collective of artists "In workshops of the giraffe upside down", management of the gallery and the space of common workshops Illustration - freelance work
1991-1993 Diploma of Creative Communication option Artistic Director
1984-1989 School of Fine Arts in Zielona Gora, Poland


2019Galleri Nobel, Oslo
2019 ArtGalleryShow gallery, Monaco
2018Guest of honor at the "Arts on Dike" Art Fair, Montaigu
2018Gallery "Entrance of Artists", Paris
2018Gallery “RDC”, Nantes
2018 Gallery "The yellow submarine", Clisson, Nantes
2018 Castel Château de Nieuil
2018 ArtGalleryShow gallery, Monaco
2017 Gallery "The Love of Art", Paris, St Germain des Près
2017 Gallery "In Arte Véritas", Clisson, Nantes
2017 Creation and publication of art book "Traces", Blue editions of Berlin
2017 ArtGalleryShow gallery, Monaco
2017 Gallery "Bouillon d'Art", Bordeaux
2017 Gallery "La Galerie", Angers
2016 "ArtMe" gallery, Nantes
2016 "Quai Est" gallery, Ivry sur Seine, Paris
2016 Performance dance-painting at the gallery "Le 56", Nantes
2015 "Quai Est" gallery, Ivry sur Seine, Paris
2015 Gallery "Le 56", Nantes
2015 International Fall Fair, St Petersburg
2012 Castel Château de Nieuil
2011 Center of Architecture and Urbanism Americain
2011 Performance and exhibition at Arsenal, La Rochelle