Vincent Langaard


1994- , Oslo

Dykk i sosiale fenomener

Jeg jobber hovedsakelig innen maling, tegning og skriving og bruker disse plattformene til å utforske samt uttrykke følelser, psykologiske tilstander og sosiale fenomener som har sterk innvirkning på min hverdag. Når det er sagt er det alltid mitt mål å adressere seriøse emner med et lett og innbydende visuelt språk.

The artist talks about a few of his paintings:

Vincent Langaard - Football Porn 240 x 189 cm

“Football Porn” is the birth-child of an imagined discussion that transpired between myself and a friend from art school. In reality he had actually confessed – during a class talk – his fascination with aesthetic pleasure, but his articulation revealed the erroneous consideration of aesthetics as semantically equal to beauty. As neither students nor teachers interjected to rectify his misconception, this episode triggered a fervent reaction in me. Wanting to prove a point, I then asked myself what would happen if I adopted my friends rationale, which stated: aesthetic pleasure – meaning pleasurable cognitive stimuli – is indiscriminately equal to beauty.  It soon followed that a combination of the most prevalent sources of such stimuli in our society – football and porn – should prove potent contributors in the making of what would become the most beautiful painting in the world. I believe this painting is part of the reason why my friend stopped talking to me.

Vincent Langaard - Schadenfreude 157 x 170 cm

“Schadenfreude” (German expression for: the joy of seeing others suffer) is another painting based on an observation of external affairs. We humans have an insatiable appetite for stories involving individuals with tortured pasts and those who overcome tremendous hardships. I too am guilty of this, both in real life, in the art world and especially when it comes to characters in films and books. It is after all the kernel point in the aristotelean model. However, I try not to forget that just because someone has gone through hell and come back, does not necessarily make them competent conductors. Nevertheless in the contemporary art world, it seems almost a prerequisite condition that the artist must have suffered in some capacity, in order to exercise a voice of authority. And furthermore that the greater suffering he/she can document, the more the value of the work is likely to appreciate. This is perhaps especially noticeable to someone like me: a caucasian, heterosexual, male from an upper middle-class home with no traumas from childhood, no physical or mental dysfunctions and free from social subjugation. In the eyes of the art world I have no authentic experiences worth sharing, and that is also true, to an extent. However as a joke, I have often been thinking; that if there was a wheel of fortune only for artists, it would delegate injuries and traumas and instead of money.

Vincent Langaard - Autogenous Penitentiary 161 x 190 cm

“Autogenous Penitentiary” is a symbolic painting in which the main character – my alter ego – is hard at work, trying to sustain his own unnecessary prison. On his shoulders rests a massive wooden beam, which is ultimately bolted to the marble frame in which he stands, thus making the strain of holding it up redundant. Several loose hanging chains connect the frame with the central character by proxy of a leather belt that circles his waist and which he can take off at any point without incurring consequences. His right hand and left foot cling on to a metal pole that seemingly serves no function in terms of structural support. His left hand holds onto a rope that slithers through a system of pulleys before being tied to a hook on the floor where it seemingly evaporates, rendering its function nought.


2014-17Glasgow School of Art – Bachelor i Fine Art, Maling og Trykk
2013-14Strykejernet Kunstskole - Fulltids Forstudium i Kontemporær Kunst
2010-13Ski Videregående Skole - Generell Studiekompetanse med Drama og Teater
2018Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art - Deltidskurs i klassiske tegne- og maleteknikker
2012Asker Kunstfagskole - Deltidskurs i klassiske maleteknikker under Morten W. Reigstad

Separatutstilling (utvalg)

2019Art Pride, Oslo - Vinner av publikumsprisen
2019 -Galleri Nobel, Oslo
2018Rogart Street Campus, Glasgow. Separatutstilling: Amour-Propre
2018The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow. Separatutstilling: Amour-Propre
2018DOK Artist Space, Edinburgh. Separatutstilling: Amour-Propre
2017Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow. Kollektivutstilling: Showcase
2016MacLellan Galleries, Glasgow. Student Exhibition: PAT Tested
2015Heggedal Fabrikker, Asker. FKFS Kollektivutstilling
2015Tontine Building, Glasgow. Studentutstilling
2014Ingensteds, Oslo. Separatutstilling
2014Strykejernet, Oslo. Studentutstilling
2013Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo. Kollektivutstilling


2018lllustrerte novelle av Robin McLeodAug.
2017Oversettelse av Per Schreiner’s Den Brysomme mannen og Plutselig
2014Fremførte Den Merkverdige Rariteten ved Ingensteds, Oslo
2013Fremførte Prosessen i Black box ved Ski Videregående skole
2013Skrev og Trykket min første roman “Frisaurhandtwerk”