1981, Norge
While wanting to understand and put things in context, we also have the ability to imagine and to fantasize. We dreamed about walking on the moon long before any astronaut set foot there, and we have already thought the idea of time travel and of being able to move with the speed of light. The themes I have been working with in my earliest body of work concerned both scientific subjects and more fictional matters. Civilizations, cities, myths, imaginable realities and fictional landscapes have been some of the themes that have inspired my process. I have been interested in human beings’ imagination and ability to fantasize, and the idea of an collective unconsiousness, creating abstract mythological landscapes and compositions that hover between something familiar versus the more incomprehensive.
An interest in the relationship between the subconscious, dreams and myths, is still present as a backdrop in my creative process, but work more intuitively, and I am being open to unpredictable discoveries, and where the techniques and expression evolves in the making.
I like beauty, and beautiful things. I have this love for materials: texture, color, weight, smell, tactility. I am allowing myself to add whatever I want, being comfortable with gesture – not having to explain every move. Each gesture contains an importance of its own realisation. No editing, just adding. Like memory and our unconscious – layers of information.
In my latest works I have returned to abstraction as the dominant form of expression. I am working with a wide range of materials: textile, foam, different types of paint and found materials to name a few. Sculptural forms, structure, drip, spill, and overlaping of materials compete for space. The surface and structure of my paintings reflect the time and process put into the work, and multiple «dimensions» and details emerge.
The 3-dimensionality of my paintings, further confuse the distinction between image and object, virtual and real. Within the realm of an unconscious world, they are separated from some kind of mystery through their own existence – through their pictorial qualities they might trigger our imagination, something outside themselves, simultaneously they are themselves, through their materiality, color and texture. And sometimes it is just that: Color form and line being my relationship to painting.
I find the world a strange place to be, and through art I am trying to make sense of the world around me. I am exploring imaginary landscapes and dreamlike places through abstraction. A process where here the subliminal and the conscious meet.
2011/2013 - Master degree, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2008/2011 - Bachelor degree, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2007/2008 - Kunst_design fagskolen, Oslo
2003/2004 - Multimedia Art, FH Salzburg, Austria
2001/2004 - Bachelor Visual communication, Buskerud University College
2016 Berlin
2015 Residency Unlimited (RU), NYC.

2016 Galleri Nobel
2016 Galleri Sørenga, Oslo, separatutstilling
2015 «Things Unknown – But Longed For Still», Aker Brygge, Fondsbygget, Oslo
2015 Group exhibition, Akershus Art Centre
2015 Interiør-Galleriet, Oslo
2015 «Intertwined Realities», Court Tree Collective Gallery, NYC
2015 The Clemente, Open Studios - New Museum's Ideas City Festival 2015, NYC
2015 «Closed Circuit», Abrazo Interno Gallery, NYC
2014 Interiør-Galleriet, Oslo
2014 Oslo Prosjektrom, Oslo
2014 Stipendutstillingen, Oslo Rådhus (Oslo City Hall)
2013 Graduation Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2012 Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2012 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo
2011 Graduation Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2014 Diversestipend, Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway)
2012 Honorable mention, group exhibition Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo.
Norwegian Visual Artists Association (Norske Billedkunstnere - NBK)
Unge Kunstneres Samfund (UKS)