1982 Oslo / Roma, Italia

GRANDICELLI Universe 100 x 125 cm foto

I believe in destiny and that to be lucky you have to give room, if you go too fast Luck cannot find you.

In a 13 stops flight around the word my gap year got interrupted in NYC when my favorite photographer at that time asked me to work for him and help in the preparation of one of the biggest exhibition of photography I have ever seen. It was not an easy decision, but I cancelled my 9 months trip and stayed in New York for almost 4 years. During that period I worked for two big artists, collaborated with an art school, worked as a printer, received a scholarship and consequently took a master in photography.

My inspiration in my work comes from my scientific background and my passion for landscapes and abstract shapes. My projects are the result of a rigorous workflow, similar to the scientific method. I plan meticulously every detail and I use the darkroom as a studio, I am control freak during the execution and I love to focus on the process even if I have the tendency to conceptualize my work afterwards. I love materials and I push their limitations until the limits of their abilities with the desire to produce something playful and unusual.